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We know there are likely many questions you have about your specific title and closing service, but there are some questions that are common among many customers. We want to make this information as readily available as possible, so we’ve gathered answers to the most common questions here for your convenience.

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What services does City Title & Closing LLC offer?

Title searches, title insurance, escrow closing services, I.R.C. §1031 qualified intermediary services.

When are you open?

M-F 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m

How do I place an order?

You may e-mail your contract or your internal order form to or secure fax to 866.889.7709. Of course, you may always call our available staff to place an order or ask any questions related to your order by calling 479.935.4177

What is a title as opposed to a deed?

A deed is the instrument that is executed, acknowledged and recorded in the proper county.  A properly executed deed serves to create title in the grantee with respect to the particular property conveyed by that deed.

What are title and closing services?

Title services include a variety of different processes including an extensive research of the title to the property in question, an examination of all of the matters disclosed by the research, and the preparation of a title commitment for our client to review prior to purchasing or mortgaging the property.  The title commitment sets forth requirements to be met prior to closing the purchase transaction or mortgage loan in order for the title policy to be issued.  Additionally, the title commitment also sets forth matters that are excepted from coverage on the title policy and should be carefully reviewed prior to closing the transaction.

Closing services include a number of processes of coordinating the completion of requirements of the real estate contract, the title insurance commitment, as well as the loan instructions from the lender.  While we are an independent third party, we help coordinate all of these matters to get everyone to the table to close the transaction.  We handle the coordination of all documents for the closing, witness the signing of all of the documents, acknowledge the parties’ signatures, and then handle the recording of the documents, as required.

Are mortgage closing and closing the same thing?

A closing can be for a purchase transaction whether or not it involves a mortgage loan.  We close cash transactions as well as mortgage loan closings, refinance transactions and commercial real estate transactions.

How much do your services cost?

Our title insurance products and closing/settlement services costs vary depending on the complexity of the transaction, the purchase price and loan amount.

Title insurance cost is based on the purchase/sale price and the loan amount, if applicable.  Additionally, there are additional endorsements and coverages that are available in some circumstances that require additional premiums to be paid. Please look at our website or give us a call for an estimate.

Our title services fee is an all-encompassing fee for myriad of services we provide when handling a particular order.  Please see our fee sheet for a complete listing of items that are addressed.

Our closing fee is a fee for preparation and coordination of the closing, conducting the closing, notarizing the signatures, recording the documents and providing you copies, as well as many other things that we do.

Who is responsible for paying for title and closing services?

Ultimately, your real estate contract should set forth who pays for what charges.  In the absence of such language in your real estate contract, there are set “market norms” that are used.

What is involved in a closing?

You, of course, will be in attendance, along with (in most cases) a representative of your lender, and a representative of the title insurance company (the closing agent).

The closing agent’s job is to make sure that all necessary documents are signed and verified and that the money from the sale and/or refinance of the property is properly disbursed.

You may also have your own attorney attend the closing. Sometimes, the sellers will be present, along with any real estate agents involved in the sale.

It is common for buyers and sellers to complete their paperwork in separate rooms and never see each other on the day of closing.

What can I expect in my closing?

What documents and information do I need to bring to the closing appointment?

Everyone that signs documents will need to bring a valid government issued identification form, such as a driver’s license. Remember, in Arkansas, if you are married, your spouse will most likely be required to sign. If you are signing for another person with power of attorney, this will need to be approved in advance of closing or a delay in closing may occur. If you owe funds at closing, you are required to deliver certified funds for any amount over $500 which may be a cashier’s check or wire. A personal check or cash is not acceptable for anything over $500. As a seller, you may want to bring a voided check or deposit slip so that we can wire your proceeds to you in the event of the funding occurring later in the day. Also, as a seller, you will need have the keys, garage openers, and possession planned for ahead of closing.

What is title insurance and do I need title insurance?

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